Bob Garratt’s new book, Stop The Rot: Reframing Corporate Governance For Directors and Politicians, is published on 3 July 2017 by Greenfield Publishing, a new imprint of Routledge/Taylor and Francis.

ISBN: 978-1-78353-766-2       eBook ISBN: 978-1-178353-767-9

It is a ground-breaking book that places Corporate Governance in a more community and values-based context, away from merely directors and finance, and positions it firmly in the developing fields integrated Social, Physical and Financial capitalism.

Early reviews include:

‘Bob Garratt is once again at the forefront of challenging conventional thinking on corporate governance by fearlessly exploring areas where others fear to tread. In his relentless pursuit of excellence in governance he thankfully takes us beyond yet another dissertation on rules and standards to remind us of the underlying thesis of good governance around values and trust; and seeks to build on the twin issues of competence and professionalism.

What I find compelling is his challenge to regulators and policy makers to demonstrate genuine commitment and leadership through thoughtful legislation, and enforcement, that restores the productive but responsible capacity of business enterprise.’

Philip Armstrong Director of Governance, GAVI Alliance Switzerland

‘It is clear that this new book from Bob Garratt is needed as a guide to the post-Brexit and Trump world. It is visionary in making bold suggestions; it is ambitious in raising new questions. The book pinpoints the ‘demolishing of professionalism’ as the critical cultural change that accounts for so much that we regret in today’s corporate world’

Robert A G Monks Author of Corporate Governance and Corpocracy US

‘I am happy to work with, and learn from, Bob Garratt, Honorary Visiting Professor at Cass Business School. This book epitomises his bold approach. In a world hungry for responsible governance and trusted leaders. His insights highlight the unacceptable; showcases the much needed exemplars; and push us towards higher professional standards. I particularly appreciate his call for leaders who forge and sustain good governance built on collective ambition and values. His ‘provocation’ is not only to corporate leaders but also to policy makers and regulators who must reinforce such standards of excellence if we are to stop the rot’.

Professor Marianne Lewis, Dean, Cass Business School UK

A fresh perspective on what it means to be a direction-giver in future. Garratt tells what they often do not want to hear in a way that makes it clear that they have to listen.

Professor Daniel Malan Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa University of Stellenbosch South Africa

‘The depth of his investigation into the fundamental conflicts and inconsistencies in current corporate governance frameworks and practices brings transparency to many of the causes of lack of trust and faith in Australian business. An incredibly valuable work. It needs to be studied by leaders in business and government to begin the process of correction. Readers of his seminal work The Fish Rots From The Head will not be disappointed. Stop The Rot will be a handbook for all those involved in corporations seeking certainty of direction to improve the standing of business leaders in our community’.

Dr Denise Fleming Chairman Foresight Sydney Australia

‘Professor Garratt’s latest book, Stop The Rot, focuses on the governance of governance, and clearly and succinctly lays out who are the key players, what are the key issues and what needs to be done …..A must read for anyone interested in governance’

Jane Valls Executive Director Gulf Co-operation Council Board Directors Institute Dubai

‘Taking as a starting point the low level of public trust in our business leaders and politicians, Bob Garratt powerfully argues the case for rethinking what we mean by governance. In his view, rethinking is needed in organisations of all kinds – listed corporations, private companies, state-owned enterprises, even charities and co-operatives, as well as by politicians. His comprehensive study of the issues and possible ways forward should be required reading for all those who hold, or aspire to, positions of power in society.’

Professor Philip Sadler Tomorrow’s Company and author of Leadership UK

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Bob’s best-selling book The Fish Rots From The Head: Developing Effective Directors is in its third edition and has established itself as an international handbook for directors in the UK, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, South East Asia, the Arabian Gulf and is beginning to be taken seriously in the US.

ISBN 978 1 84668 3299 eISBN 978 1 84765 050 4

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